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At Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools, our daily pursuit of the Lifetime Advantage is guided by six fundamental pillars. These pillars serve as the cornerstone of our educational philosophy, shaping every aspect of our students' experience. Click on each of the six pillars below to delve deeper into our commitment to academic excellence, character development, spiritual growth, community engagement, leadership cultivation, and lifelong learning. Join us as we empower students to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Bishop R. Walker Nickless meets with students at the high school.

Our faith is central to our learning community. Each school day begins and ends with student-led prayer. Students attend weekly Masses and participate in the liturgy through lecturing, serving, music and more. Students learn about their faith through religion classes and activities. Providing students with a strong faith foundation and giving them daily opportunities to express their faith makes a life-long difference. Students who attended Catholic Schools are more likely to practice their faith as adults.

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Our students are part of a larger family of the Heelan school community, parish community and the Bishop Heelan graduate community. We support each other to thrive and flourish in the classroom and in life.

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Two students pose for the camera on the first day.

Our student test scores are consistently above local, state and national averages. Every year over 90% of our Bishop Heelan graduates go onto college, most of them to four-year colleges. 

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Giving back to others as a demonstration of thanks for God's blessings is an important lesson that is reinforced through our PK-12 system. There are active student organizations for grades 6-12.

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Explore the activities that interest you and get involved! Whether you’re an athlete, a thespian, a musician, debater, artist, singer or someone who likes to volunteer or join friends in an activity, there’s a place for you at Bishop Heelan High School.

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Bishop Heelan High School is known for its competitive athletics. Our Crusader athletes enjoy a rich history of city, conference and state titles while competing against some of the best teams in the tri-state area.

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